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PLEASE READ ENTIRE INSTRUCTIONS: ALL STUDENT FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY, EITHER BY E-MAIL OR FAX – / 888.891.4474 – AND BRING A PAPER COPY WITH YOU TO CAMP.– Please send all forms as one single file attachment whenever possible. Forms submitted by mail will not be received.

ALL STUDENTS MUST SUBMIT: 1.) SoccerPlus Waiver  2.)  Medical Form signed by a registered physician  3.) Authorization of Self-Administration of Medication form (Signed by parent- If student does not take any medications, parent must still indicate by selecting appropriate checkbox and submitting signed form.)

New for this year: If the participant has had a physical within 24 months of the last day of camp, a physician’s report (complete with signature or office stamp) may be attached to your paperwork in order to fulfill this section of the forms. This is true for any camp in any state. However, regardless of whether you’re using a new physical exam or one from within that 24-month period, you will need to submit new paperwork for 2015.

Please submit paperwork at least 30 days prior to camp start date so that we can review them for completeness. You must also bring a copy of all forms to camp registration.If you cannot submit all forms in a timely manner ahead of camp, you may bring them on registration day, but you run the risk of incomplete or inaccurate forms.

Students will not be allowed to participate in any camp activities until all paperwork is complete and received. This is not only our policy, but in most states these forms are required by law. Thank you for your cooperation.

STUDENTS ATTENDING CAMPS IN THE STATE OF NEW YORK PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO THE SECTION LABELED “NEW YORK CAMP PAPERWORK” as the state of New York requires additional forms. In addition to the above, you must read the information regarding the state’s meningitis policy and complete the menincococcal form.

STUDENTS ATTENDING CAMPS HELD IN CONNECTICUT We have been advised by the CT Board of Health that ANY medication –INCLUDING OVER-THE-COUNTER MEDICATIONS– must be listed on our medications form and accompanied by a doctor’s signature. All medications must be brought to camp in their original containers. Prescription medications, including respiratory inhalers, must have their prescription label. Any medications that do not have the required signature, packaging or prescription labels will not be allowed at camp per CT state laws.

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