How are the students grouped during training?
The students are grouped according to ability. When the students first arrive at camp they will be placed into a group consisting of other students of a similar age within the program. From there the staff will evaluate the talent of each individual over the first few training sessions and adjust the groups according to ability.

Do boys and girls train together on the field?
There may be on occasion a limited number of co-ed groups. These will be comprised of students who seem to learn better in a co-ed environment and this will be assessed during their evaluation on the first day, or of are similar ability.

What equipment do I need to wear at camp?
All students will be required to wear the necessary equipment required to play in a real game, that
means shin guards at all times. Click Here for a recommended packing list (page 5).

Do the students receive an evaluation?
Each student will receive a written evaluation from their staff coach based on the curriculum from the week, or have an email sent to the address on file for your account at the end of camp.

How old do the students need to be?
The Goalkeeper School starts at ages 8 and up.
The FieldPlayer Academy starts at ages 8 and up.

Can campers bring extra snacks and drinks?
There are three meals served a day, however students can bring as many snacks and sport drinks as they want. There are no refrigerators in the dorms, but at some residential sites you can bring those as well.

Can students show up late for camp?
The beginning of camp at SoccerPlus is very important. However, if a student will not be able to make the beginning of camp, please call us ahead of time to let us now that you will be late, and we will make special accommodations. There are no refunds or partial refunds for late arrival to a SoccerPlus program.

Can students leave during camp or leave camp early?
Every session at SoccerPlus is an important part of the week, however if a student has a prior
commitment (e.g. soccer game) then you may leave camp. There are no refunds or partial refunds for early departure unless due to medical conditions which occur and are documented by SoccerPlus staff during the week. For more information regarding our refund policy, contact the SoccerPlus home office.

How can students be contacted at camp?
Students are allowed to bring and use cell phones during breaks in the day and before lights out. Also, during the duration of the camp, SoccerPlus employs a camp administrator. That administrator is on-site 24 hours a day and will be carrying the camp cell phone. This number will be posted clearly and visibly throughout the on-site registration and shared via the pre-camp e-mail in the week leading up to camp. This number is to be used in case of an emergency only. For non-emergency purposes during the week, please contact our main office at 1-800-533-7371 and we will send any messages or requests for contact to our camp directors and they will contact you during the breaks between sessions.

Can students from outside the US attend camp?
SoccerPlus has had students from every continent, and welcomes many international students each summer. As long as the student speaks English and has permanent or temporary US medical insurance for the duration of the camp then he/she is welcome to attend. The language requirement is to protect the student’s safety during the week of camp. Contact your local US Embassy for visa information.